*Geezer Farm Corn Tortilla Kit
*Geezer Farm Corn Tortilla Kit
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*Geezer Farm Corn Tortilla Kit

Geezer Farm
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Make your own corn tortillas! 

Everything is included to make 25-35 of the best tasting corn tortillas you’ve ever had. Each tortilla kits contains 1# of Geezer Farm grown, Pungo Creek Butcher Dent Corn, .16 oz. of pickling lime for nixtamalizing the corn and 1/4 cup of dried Masa Harina for thickening the dough if you grind it in a food processor.

Each kit will make between 25-35 corn tortillas.

Pungo Creek Butcher corn is a variety of beautiful colors: red, purple, brown, tan in all different shades. The color of your final tortillas may surprise you!

Want great success with a food processor? Click here: https://masienda.com/on-masa/food-processor/

The Basic steps are:
1. Rinse and then soak the corn for 8-12 hours. 
2. Cook the corn (There should be at least 4“ of water covering the corn), with the provided pickling lime (start at a boil and then bring to a simmer), until the kernels are al dente, and the skins slip off. Anywhere from 5-45 minutes.
3. Let the mixture sit for 8-12 hours on the stove top. (This is the nixtamilzing process that makes the corn much more nutritious and tasty).
4. Rinse and rub the corn by hand until half the skins are removed.
5. Grind the corn either with a small grain mill, or a food processor.
If you use a food processor you’ll need to add more water to get it to a smooth consistency. Then you can use the dried masa harina (provided) to thicken the masa dough to the correct texture.
6. Portion the dough into golf ball sized balls and  press them into tortillas, between thin plastic sheets (I cut up plastic grocery bags).
7. Cook on a medium hot skilled on each side for approx. 30 seconds, and then flip one more time for a third cook. If you get it just right they should puff up.
Eat warm or let them cool and store in a sealed bag in the fridge and reheat when you want to use them. (You can also freeze the masa dough if you don’t want to use it all right away).
The link provided has a really good explanation of the whole process.  https://masienda.com/on-masa/food-processor/
You’ll love how your house smells as you’re cooking the corn, and be delighted when the tortillas hit your tummy.